RAAK Family Dairy Tech India

Official project title:          RAAK Family Dairy Tech India
Project members:              dr. Andre Leliveld and dr. JC Diehl.
Duration:                           2015 - 2017

This project aimed to develop frugal technologies and innovative business models and value chains for Indian medium dairy farmers with medium sized farms. The farmers work and live in Pune district, Maharashtra. Van Hall Larenstein and Saxion, two Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences, worked together with the Agricultural Development Trust Baramati. CFIA was involved through members of the Advisory Board, dr. Andre Leliveld and dr. JC Diehl.

The result of this project is an advisory report which describes the results and recommendations for Indian dairy farmers and Dutch and Indian companies, from the RAAK Family Dairy Tech India project. Researchers and students of two Dutch and one Indian University of Applied Sciences, together with ten Dutch companies, Indian companies and eight innovative farmers in Pune district collaborated to develop robust and affordable technologies and knowledge for Indian medium sized dairy farmers, in Pune district, Maharashtra. The report also describes innovations in the farmers’ business models and value chains.