Kenya Hub

CFIA Kenya is affiliated with CFIA Netherlands, an organisation founded in 2013 through a strategic alliance between three Dutch universities: Delft University of Technology, Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our team at CFIA Netherlands has been doing academic research on innovation in resource-constrained settings in healthcare, water and food, and is now expanding into the energy domain. Our core strategic objective for the next 5 years is to conduct more locally embedded research that addresses knowledge gaps and policy evidence gaps in Africa. CFIA Kenya is the first of several research hubs planned for the Global South.

Research focus

CFIA Kenya adopts a multi-disciplinary perspective to develop analytical knowledge and thinking on innovation in resource-constrained environments. Our core research focuses on four strategic domains: energy, health, water and agro-food.

Upcoming projects

Frugal Innovation Histories

Evaluating business incubator and accelerator business models

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Centre Manager Kenya: Dr Elsie K. Onsongo