Publications 2013 - 2015

Publications 2015

 CFIA Working paper 2, 2015
'African Universities and Inclusive Innovation: Case Studies in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.'

Conference 'Can Frugal Innovation become Inclusive Innovation? ISS, 2015
'Frugal Innovation: A Literature Review; Technology, Entrepreneurship and Development in Innovation Processes.'

Southern African Journal of Policy and Development Vol. 2 No. 1 October 2015, pp. 15-25.
'Homegrown or imported? Frugal innovation and local economic development in Zambia.'

CFIA Workshop 'How can Frugal Innovation become Inclusive Innovation' November 2015.
'Towards a Better Understanding of Outcomes of Inclusive Innovation: Applying a Gender Lens.'

Publications 2014 

CFIA Working Paper 3, 2014
'Frugal Innovation for Inclusive Development: A Case Study on Power Tillers in Tanzania.'

14th EADI General Conference Responsible Development in a Polycentric World: Inequality, Citizenship and the Middle Classes
Position paper, Panel Session PS040404 ‘Frugal Innovation and Technology Networks with Africa’, 2014
'Frugal Innovation in Africa: Towards a research agenda.'

REPOA’s 19th Annual Research Workshop
Discussion paper, ‘Transformation, Job Creation and Poverty Eradication’, April 2014,
'Understanding Frugal Innovation in Africa: Schumpeter revisited.'

Publications 2013

Transforming Innovations in Africa:
Explorative Studies on Appropriation in African Societies pp. 59-77, 2013
'Frugal innovation in Africa: Tracking Unilever’s washing-powder sachets.'