Project Themes


HEWA stands for Health, Energy, Water and Agriculture. Although these themes are different from each other and deserve individual attention, they are interrelated. Find out more about our projects on these four area within the HEWA theme.  

Entrepreneurship & business models

Frugal innovation not only plays a role in designing products, services or systems, it also has impact in business models. Only when frugality is taken into account in the entrepreneurial aspects too, it can make a difference.

Technology & Knowledge

Underneath every innovation, technology plays a vital role. Frugal innovations are often an interesting combination of high-tech and low-tech. Understanding the knowledge systems and acknowledging different forms of knowledge is key.

PhD Projects

PhD researchers make up an important part of our research team. Within the themes outlined above, they work on their individual projects, supported and supervised by the Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa.