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Action Learning Partner.

OASEN was selected as one of the Action Learning Partner in the Frugal and Responsible Innovation project

OASEN is a Dutch drinking water company established in 1883. The company is in the beginning of the stage gate process as it is using the research in the Frugal and Responsible Innovation project as an input to learn how they can adapt their drinking water supply technologies and business models to new environments in the Global South.

OASEN sees opportunities to link their knowledge on (potable) water provisions to Community Life Centres (CLCs) and use it to come to a sustainable and inclusive water supply at a decentralized level. For OASEN a key attraction to this research setting has been that CLCs are not 'imprisoned' by existing heavy infrastructure but one can think afresh about flexible delivery of various qualities of water for various uses and originating from various sources.


Watertank in Kenya

Oasen Drinkwater

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