Frugal Innovation in the Water and Health Sectors in East Africa

Official project title:         Frugal Innovations and Responsible Entrepreneurship:
                                         Case Studies in the Water and Health Sectors in East Africa.
Project leader:                  Prof. dr. Cees van Beers
Duration:                          2015 - 2019

CFIA, in consortium with Dutch companies and African entrepreneurs, has received funding for this four-year project from the Responsible Innovation programme of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The research project is co-funded by three Dutch companies in the 'Water' and 'Health' Top Sectors: Royal Philips and the water companies OASEN and Hatenboer. Prof. dr. Cees van Beers is project leader. Dr. Elsie Onsongo explores the frugal and inclusive business models designed and deployed in base of the pyramid markets, how they balance ethics and profitability, and how they interact with the institutional elements in these contexts. Dr. Haye Hazenberg studies the possibility of developing an ethical business model for technological innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Rachel Howell conducts research on frugal innovations in the water and health sectors in East Africa, focusing on inclusive business models and how frugal innovations can bring about local economic development impact.