Dandora Transformation League

Dandora Transformation League

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Action Learning Case.

The Dandora Transformation League (DTL) has been selected as one of the Action Learning Cases in the Creative Cities are Safer Cities initiative. By studying a number of concrete cases, the research team in this initiative - which includes specialists on urban safety, living labs, creativity and frugal innovation - promotes the research that investigates how creative cities can contribute to safer cities and aims to set up a Living Lab in collaboration with urban authorities and (impact) investors that enable local creative (designers, innovators, entrepreneurs) to create and develop (frugal) solutions that will enhance safety and security in Durban and Nairobi, South Africa.  

Dandora Transformative League
Dandora is a low-income neighborhood in Nairobi, previously known as a dangerous and dirty no-go zone: unemployed young people often became criminals, streets and open spaces were once covered with litter. Moreover, the presence of one of the largest non-regulated landfills in the world has contributed to its poor reputation.

In 2014, a group of residents, led by Charles Gachanga, who could no longer see their children play with garbage, decided to change this status quo. They began to transform open spaces surrounded by residential plots, known as courtyards, from landfills to clean playgrounds and gardens. A few months after the first spontaneous action by residents, a community organization that mobilized young people was officially registered as Dandora Transformation League (DTL). DTL's work has led to the creation of a child-friendly environment from three perspectives: design, use of spaces and organization of functions.

Source: Anna Têhlová (Public Space Network) for The City at Eye Level