Dr. Winfred Onyas

Job title
Research Partner

Dr. Winfred Onyas is a Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Leicester. Her research focuses on the functioning of markets and money in developing countries, and in particular, on how low income actors contribute to shape markets.

In her PhD thesis, entitled 'Performing product trajectories and overlapping markets: an analysis of coffee global value chains', She examined the market-making practices of smallholder coffee farmers participating at the farmer-exporter nexus of sustainable and conventional coffee chains.

Her most recent work concerns mobile money, a financial services platform (mobile phone-enabled) developed to advance financial inclusion in developing countries. Here, she investigate how mobile money constructs spaces of inclusion and exclusion.

Dr. Winfred Onyas is organizing the panel Partnering and Frugal Innovation during the 7th biennial International Symposium on Cross-Sector Social Interactions (CSSI 2020) together with Dr. Greetje Schouten and Prof. Peter Knorringa 


CFIA's research partner dr winfred onyas