Detailed information about minor programme online

Detailed information about the minor programme on Frugal Innovation for Sustainable Global Development is now accessible online. This programme, starting in September 2018, is open to third year bachelor students from Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam. It consists of theoretically oriented courses, exploring the concepts behind frugal innovation, and an internship, taking place in a foreign country. 

The minor is open to students with various academic backgrounds, interested in working in a multidisciplinary environment. Students with a technological background will learn how to make technology applicable in the real world, dealing with all circumstances that social, cultural or contextual elements may bring. Students with a background in any of the social sciences can indulge themselves in technology and apply their societal knowledge to this. In the first part of the minor, both Technology and Development are courses which are taught, in order to provide students with connections between the two. Entrepreneurship is the third course, explaining how innovative and inclusive technologies, adapted to local circumstances can be marketed. Therefore, students with a background in entrepreneurial, management and organisation studies are just as welcome. 

The second part of the minor programme is focused on bringing knowledge into practice. In groups of three, students will go abroad to work on an actual issue arising within an organisation or research project. Possible countries in which these internships take place are Uganda, India or South Africa. Under the supervision of an internship coordinator, local supervisor and a professor in the minor programme, students develop solutions related to frugal innovation. Not only do they get the opportunity of going abroad for ten weeks, they also gain work experience and extend their professional networks. 

Are you interested in this minor programme? Check the detailed information guide or come and see us at the minor markets! 

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