Capturing Frugal Innovation: a NIAS Lorentz week

From 11 through 15 February 2019, experts from the frugal innovation research field came together for a NIAS Lorentz workshop in Leiden. Their shared purpose: working together on the handbook on frugal innovation. The handbook is edited by Cees van Beers, Saradindu Bhaduri, Peter Knorringa and André Leliveld. It will be published in 2020 by Edward Elgar publishing.

NIAS Lorentz workshop

A NIAS Lorentz workshop is a week-long conference that aims to “produce cutting-edge research through open and informal discussions and stimulating collaboration” (see website). The Lorentz Center provides the venue and facilities for the conference, containing office spaces for all participants. It also generously provides support on all practical matters surrounding the organization, as well as partial funding and professional facilitators (if needed).

Throughout the week

The week was filled with lively discussions on varying themes relating to the handbook, such as coherence, key goals, audiences and what’s missing. The authors also received extensive peer feedback on the draft chapters, which they submitted beforehand. Throughout the week various inspirational keynote lectures were given by the keynote speakers: Jaideep Prabhu, Miguel John Versluys, Saradindu Bhaduri and Peter Knorringa. On Thursday 14 February, many practitioners and societal stakeholders were invited to participate in discussions in the innovative Open Space format. The discussions were facilitated by professionals from the Lorentz Center.

The editors of the handbook
The editors of the Handbook (left to right): Cees van Beers, André Leliveld, Peter Knorringa and Saradindu Bhaduri.


11 through 15 February was a fruitful week, which has generated many outcomes and opportunities. On the handbook, many thoughts and opinions were shared. These have been noted by the handbook editors and will lead to changes, for example in the structure of the handbook. Some comments even lead to the creation of new handbook chapters. Also, the Thursday discussions delivered a large amount of future research topics, bottlenecks and possibilities for cooperation.


An impression of the NIAS Lorentz workshop week can be found in the image gallery below. Photos were taken by Toine Westen.


Thanks to the Lorentz Center, organizers, editors and participants, who made this week a success!

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