Internships / field assignment updates 2020-2021

We keep a close eye on the developments regarding Corona. Please, check therefore our regular updates here on our website.  

If you have questions or want more information: please do not hesitate to write an e-mail to the Minor coordinators:

March 18, 2020

Corona provisio (please read this carefully):

The Minor Frugal Innovation for Sustainable Global Developments includes a three months field assignment abroad in selected countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Coming academic year these field assignments will take place from 6 November 2020 until 25 January 2021. Given the current Corona pandemic we have to make a reservation on whether these field assignments can take place. Currently, travel restrictions, quarantines and lock-downs are increasingly issued and imposed across the globe. Also the LDE universities currently forbid students and staff to travel abroad. We cannot predict what the (global) situation regarding Corona will be when the Minor starts in September. With this provision we inform you that the programme of this minor, in particular the field assignment abroad, may be subject to change.

March 30, 2020:

Corona has further spread, globally, during the last two weeks. We try our best to keep you updated on what this implies for the Minor Frugal Innovation for Global Sustainable Development. In addition to our provisio on our website and in the e-study guide we inform you on the following.

Last week, the governments of the countries where we have envisaged the field assignments for 2020-201 – Kenya, Uganda, India, Surinam and South Africa – have closed their borders and issued a partly or complete lock-down. This situation would therefore not allow for field assignments in the minor to be conducted in these countries. We cannot predict how long this situation will last, but students should be aware that there is a substantial chance that field assignments will not be conducted abroad. CFIA has therefore start preparations to develop an alternative trajectory that allow enrolled students to do the field assignments in the Netherlands in case field assignments abroad cannot take place.