PhD Candidates

If you are interested in a PhD project focused on frugal innovation, do contact us and let us know which particular themes or sectors you are interested in and we can explore collaboration. Please do also share papers or other outputs related to frugal innovation that might be of interest to a broader community of frugal innovation researchers. 

Rachel Howell, PhD candidate
'Frugal Innovations and Responsible Entrepreneurship'

Saskia Vossenberg, PhD candidate
'Women entrepreneurship, gender and Frugal Innovation'

Jacqueline Gaybor Tobar, PhD candidate
'Menstrual technologies, gender and development'                                 

Sanghamitra Chakravarty, PhD candidate
'Technological capabilities, emerging market MNCs and Frugal Innovation Systems'

Johan Spamer, PhD candidate
'Blue Economy and Frugal Innovation'                                                                     

Birendra Singh, PhD candidate
'Grassroots innovation and Frugal Innovation'

Saba Al Kuntar, PhD candidate
'Refugee care and Bottom-Up Innovation'