Frugality, frugal innovation and 'a good life for all within planetary boundaries'

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UCL Institute for Global Prosperity
Frugality, frugal innovation and 'a good life for all within planetary boundaries'


Director's seminars: A series by the Institute for Global Prosperity
The IGP's Director's Seminars hosted by Univeristy College London (UCL) Insititute for Global Prosperity are an opportunity for audiences to get an in-depth theoretical perspective on sustainable and inclusive prosperity. These Seminars are given by academics who are pushing for new ways of thinking and new ways of researching society's grand challenges. Prof. Peter Knorringa will talk about Frugality, frugal innovation and 'a good life for all within planetary boundaries.  He will focus on the more empirical and nuanced debate on where and when entrepreneurs and firms are more likely to contribute to a better balance among economic dynamism, sustainability and social responsibility. And to what extent socially responsible and environmentally sustainable forms of development are possible under capitalism, and where and when these might build upon pragmatism and morality in the private sector itself.

Institutions, transformation and prosperity
Understanding the essence of institutions and consequences of institutional change is essential for building more inclusive, equitable and prosperous societies. This Director’s Seminar series explores the topic of institutions and transformation in relation to global prosperity. Whether we understand institutions to be taken-for-granted norms and values that shape social action, or political and economic regimes that regulate global trade and market activity, institutions are widely believed to be monolithic and slow to change. Yet institutions do transform, often slowly, but sometimes rapidly with unexpected consequences; examples include climate change, economic inequality, privatization of public and social services, technological disruption and innovation, ubiquitous digitalization, as well as war and mass displacement. Speakers in this series will explore the question of prosperity from their perspective on institutions, transformation and prosperity.

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