Paper presentation at SASE 2019, New York

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SASE2019, New York


On 28 and 29 June 2019, CFIA director Prof. dr. Peter Knorringa will give a paper presentation at SASE 2019 in New York. The paper, written jointly by Peter Knorringa and Greetje Schouten, is titled "What can the GVC & standards community learn from Frugal Innovation research?"

The paper is presented to Network O: Global Value Chains. The paper identifies similarities between the fields of GVC, standards and frugal innovation, by characterizing the literature within each field. It discusses connecting the fields through collaboration: is there potential for constructive collaboration, why has it not occurred so far, and how would such collaboration be beneficial? Could a frugal innovation angle provide new insights and elements to global value chain and standards research? And should a common research agenda be drafted, to contribute to more sustainable and inclusive value chain relationships?

These questions will be answered by Peter Knorringa during the SASE Conference paper presentation.

SASE 2019: Fathomless Futures: Algorithmic and Imagined

SASE 2019 website: "Established in 1989, SASE owes its remarkable success to the determination to provide a platform for creative research addressing important social problems. Throughout its three decades, SASE has encouraged and hosted rigorous work of any methodological or theoretical bent from around the world based on the principle that innovative research emerges from paying attention to wider context and connecting knowledge developed in different fields. SASE is committed to diverse membership and lively intellectual debates and encourages panels that include or are likely to include a diverse group of participants. This conference will also be an occasion to celebrate SASE’s 30th anniversary."

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