Seminar #GoFrugal: 4 DECEMBER "Talking women: how can they save newborn lives?"

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Schouwburgstraat building, Schouwburgstraat 2, The Hague. Room A204

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Please note: this seminar has been rescheduled to 4 December 2018.

This Frugal Seminar Session we have invited Tanja Houweling as our guest speaker. She will focus on the relevance of frugal innovation in the (public) health sector. Read more about the topic of the lecture and the speaker below.

Talking women: how can they save newborn lives?

Every year 2.6 million babies die before they are one month old. While sophisticated medical technologies can help reduce mortality, surprisingly simple solutions work too. In this presentation, Dr. Tanja Houweling will present work on women’s groups in Asia and Africa, and how these groups can help reduce mortality in poor communities.

About the session speaker 

"My work focuses on generating and synthesising evidence for public health policy making in low and middle income countries, in particular with regard to socio-economic inequalities in health and equity impact evaluation. My research on the linkages between society and health builds on my backgrounds in the medical sciences (PhD international public health, MSc epidemiology) and the social sciences (MA cultural & medical anthropology and non-western sociology, both cum laude). I am assistant professor in Global Health at the Department of Public Health, Erasmus MC, from which I lead cross-disciplinary global health consortia. This includes, among others, internationally collaborative research on inequalities in neonatal mortality in Asia and Africa and cross-departmental research within Erasmus University on universal health Coverage. Previously, I was senior research associate at the UCL Institute for Global Health and scientific leader of a £5 million project on maternal and newborn health in Asia and Africa. As such, I was responsible for several large intervention studies, including cluster randomised trials, on maternal and newborn mortality in India and Bangladesh. Between 2005 and 2008 I was member of the scientific secretariat of the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health, working closely with WHO and research institutes worldwide. I am lead author of four chapters of the Commission’s final report."

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