Frugal Seminar Session: 14 December

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CFIA's Frugal Seminar Sessions - December 14 2017


Please be invited to the first CFIA Seminar on ‘Frugal Innovation and Sustainability: State of the Art and Future Research Directions’. This session’s speaker is dr. Eugenia Rosca.

Dr. Eugenia Rosca is currently a Lecturer in Supply Chain Management in the Department of Management, Tilburg University. She defended her PhD thesis entitled "Sustainable Value Creation at the Base of the Pyramid: An Empirical Investigation" in June 2017. Her main research interests revolve around sustainability, frugal innovation and social issues in value chains in the context of subsistence markets. 

The seminar takes place on 14 December from 12:00-13:30 and will include lunch.
Join us at the ISS in room 3.39
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