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Combining the development of theoretical frameworks
with projects in the field


CFIA aims to use the best knowledge and research of three top-ranking universities to go beyond the rather normative and prescriptive theories that currently dominate the academic discourse on frugal innovations. The centre actively focuses on how the developmental implications of frugal innovation can lead to a more balanced perspective on what the phenomenon of frugal innovation entails, both locally, nationally and globally.

To achieve our goals, the Centre combines the development of theoretical frameworks with projects in the field, which also involve Dutch, multi-national, and African companies and stakeholders. These projects have a dual objective: developing functional, marketable innovations and providing input for theories concerning frugal innovation and global development. Find out more about our research projects below:

Research Projects

PhD Projects

Our PhD studies focus on very specific and uncovered elements of the frugal and responsible innovation debate and herewith open new debates. Two PhD students ar…

The common element in all our projects is the ambition to contribute to developing frugal innovations that contribute to achieving sustainable development goals. Read more about our publications and research agenda topics for the upcoming years.


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