Who we are and what we do...

CFIA works together on science and society focused on frugal innovation. We study and educate the conditions under which frugal innovation can contribute to sustainable and inclusive development and develop a systematic understanding of frugal innovation ecosystems. That is our mission and it is what drives us daily. 
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We combine the development of theoretical frameworks with projects in the field in collaboration with Dutch, multi-national,  African and other international partners.

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We focus on several themes with each multiple projects that have a dual objective: developing functional, marketable innovations and providing input for theories concerning frugal innovation and global development. 

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Complex social issues ask for a multi- and interdisciplinary approach. As such, we combine the best knowledge and research of three top-ranking universities. Their quality, complementarity and physical closeness offer unique opportunities for intensive structural collaboration and focus on Technology, Entrepreneurship and Development.
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Working together on science and society

The centre's main activity is research, and we also engage in teaching and consultancy on frugal innovation.
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